Don’t forget to write!

Ha – whoops. Haven’t blogged in a minute.

Long story short, I’ve been doing well! I’ve managed to stay right at my 34 points every day. Even yesterday, when we went out for a coworkers going-away lunch, I managed to get a chicken salad and keep it at ten points. Yessssss. Small victories make big results!

So, I’ve noticed some non-scale results. Mainly inches lost. I almost always notice immediately in my waist and face when I lose weight. It’s apparent in pictures for sure. On July 9th (like a week before I started Weight Watchers), I measured myself. I had a 34.5″ waist, 45.5″ hips and 37″ chest. I measured myself again this morning, and had a 32 6/8″ waist, 43″ hips, and 36″ chest. That’s around 5 1/2″ lost so far! RESULTS!

high fiving a million angels


Day Nine

I’m sensing I’m going to start blogging about the previous day. I just don’t seem to have time at night to do it.

Anyway, I’m still seeing results on the scale! I’m definitely seeing results overall as well – I feel better, more energetic, and have a lot more self-confidence lately. I really like this feeling! patrick stewart giddy

Yesterday’s food:

*Hard boiled egg = 2 points

*Ham steak = 2 points

*Natures Own Toast = 2 points

*Cheeseburger slow-cooker soup = 10 points (Make this. Here’s the recipe.)

*Chobani 100 with a pinch of granola = 4 points

*Crunchmaster Multi-seed crackers = 2 points (got this as a sample at Sam’s… I like it!)

*Pork Chop w/o bone = 3 points

*Peas = 3 points

*Malt-o Meal = 5 points

TOTAL POINTS = 33 with 1 left over.

I’ve noticed I’m getting to a point where I need to find food to hit my limit. That’s a great situation to be in! I’m so tired of dieting and feeling hungry all of the time. Weight Watchers has definitely alleviated that. I still have all of my weekly flex points left, which is awesome as well. I’m a super competitive person, so I think playing the game of “Can I not use my flex points at all??” is a motivating factor for me.

I still have 8 more points left for today after dinner… what should I eat as a snack tonight? Suggestions welcome!

Day Eight

Again, I didn’t feel great last night, so I kind of collapsed into bed and watched Seinfeld all night until I dozed off. However, I did stay on track with food so yay me!

Also, I decided to measure a couple of spots real quick this morning as I was getting dressed, just to see. No big expectations. Surprisingly, I’ve lost over an inch off my waist, a 1/2 inch off my thighs, and an inch off my chest! That’s real results! I put on a belt today for the first time in a couple of weeks, and I’ve gone down a notch as well. Yes! This definitely puts me in a good mood for a Tuesday. I’ve also lost a little more, but I’m not going to report it until my next weigh-in on Monday. elaine gif

Food for yesterday:

*Boiled egg = 2 points

*Ham steak (3 oz) = 2 points

*Nature’s Own Wheat Toast = 2 points

*Special K Cookies and Cream Pastry Crisps= 3 points (totally not worth the points, but it’s what I had in my desk. Gotta work on that.)

* Weight Watchers Slow-Cooker Cheeseburger Soup = 2 points

*Parmesan Crusted Tilapia = 5 points (get a bag of this at Sam’s Club. Very good!)

* Toast with Honey and Almond Butter = 6 points

*Chobani 100 with Granola = 4 points

TOTAL POINTS = 34 Points. Still holding on to my weekly flex points!

Day Seven: Meh

Writing this for last night… I felt horrible so I didn’t blog.

I did ok – I ate 38 points. That’s four points over, which isn’t the end of the world because I had 19 points remaining from my flex points after that. I needed Ben & Jerry’s because Aunt Rose came to visit yesterday and she kicked me in the guts and made me want to die. Although, having not really had any sweets last week made me regret eating as much B&J as I did (about a 3/4 cup). I could have had less. But whatever.


*Cereal and Milk – 9 Points

*Orange – 0 Points

*Toast with honey and almond butter – 7 Points

*Chobani with granola – 3 Points

*Parmesan Crusted Tilapia – 10 Points

* Green Beans – 0 Points

*Ben & Jerry’s – 9 Points

Day Six

I just finished eating an apple with some Justin’s honey almond butter. That’s my favorite snack of choice lately. It’s SO good and addictive. Our local morning DJ was talking about how much he liked it, so I tried some and WOW. So I went out and bought a jar… and some packets… and some more packets. I’m hooked. It’s a good way to get some protein in.

I don’t get particularly hungry on the weekends for some reason. That gives me some leeway with what I eat. I didn’t wind up exercising with the video today, but I did a little jump rope, sit ups, squirms, and push ups.

Today’s food:

* Two Pillsbury Grands = 10 Points

*Weight Watchers Toffee Ice Cream = 3 Points

*Subway foot long turkey sandwich = 16 Points

*Apple = 0 Points

*2 tbsp Justin’s almond butter = 6 Points

TOTAL = 35 POINTS // 1,513 calories

Day Five: Victories

I can’t update much today, but I’ll say that I kept it to 40 points today, which is good considering that I had lunch out. I fought temptation THREE times today. One of my coworkers brought in donuts from Sugar Shack (just kill me now), I did not order a milkshake after lunch out like other coworkers did, and I went to happy hour and had a Diet Coke and waited to eat until I came home. Victory! I still have 24 weekly flex points left so I’m doing good! I’m pretty proud that I’ve kept it to that.

I didn’t work out tonight because we were out late. We decided that Fridays will probably be an off day. However I did spend time looking up recipes for grocery shopping tomorrow. There’s some good options!